30 Years Experience in Immigration Medical Physicals for


Immigration Physical Requirements and Our services

Required Tests

Tuberculosis, Syphilis and Gonorrhea screening all completed in our office. You can eat before you come.

Vaccination Verification

Vaccinations are all available but we give you only what you do not have in your record and you absolutely need.

Physical Examination

We perform physicals for immigration including K1 Visa. All required forms are available.


Fast Service

Receive your papers in less than 2 days; possibly in 24 hours.

Walk In

No need for appointments! We are open 6 days of the week.

Affordable Pricing

We have the best prices in the Tristate Metropolitan area.

No Hidden Costs

You will receive no hidden cost from anybody else.

A word of Caution about insurances

Some other medical offices are promising to bill your insurance for part of the medical examination and/or the laboratory tests. Many times, this leads not only to running around to various other offices but in getting bills later.

To our experience, the process of billing insurances for immigration examinations is complicated. Each insurance might have different deductibles for each insured and there might even be differences between different members of the same family.

Please check well before you make this effort to bill your insurance. What sounds like a good idea might turn into problems costing time and ultimately negligible or no savings. At the Doctors Center, what you pay is final and no additional run around and hidden bills.

Bring With You

Photo ID

Please bring a copy of your photo ID such as your passport or drivers license.

Vaccination Records

Please bring any vaccination record you have.


We accept Cash, Checks, Debit & Credit Cards (Visa or Mastercard).

Immigration Documents

Please bring any papers from immigration that you have.

Additional Information

GREEN CARDAll our office staff can communicate in Spanish. 


We have access to a French translator and through a multilingual medical dictionary we can decode medical document of various other languages.

As far as payment out policy is for you to pay at the time of service. We do our best to document all services on your bill, in such way as to make easy for you to collect from your insurance.

If you have tests related to the immigration requirements and they are still valid based on the immigration policies, we accept them.Parking on site. We save your file information for seven years and can complete with this info future Medical Physicals for Schools or Pre employment Physicals.

The Immigration process is becoming more expensive. We make every effort to keep costs down.